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    cant see php script in ps and cron job question

    i have couple of question first when i m running my php script file named myindex.php and while its running in browser i add this code in putty to see if it shows my php script is running or not but i see nothing
    ps aux |grep myindex.php | grep -v grep

    plz any help why i cant se if myindex.php is running or not with above command.

    second how can i add a cron job to my php script, i know only through kloxo or cpanel.

    thanks for any help.

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    Observe the output of 'top -cd2 | grep myindex.php' while accessing the page via browser.

    you can schedule a job using 'crontab'

    cron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    ok thanks i got about cronjob and i set it through my kloxo now problem is left with script running, when i try this in browser
    top -cd2 | grep test2.php
    nothing shows up

    i monitor the PID of myindex.php and run in shell to see if it dislapy the file name:
    ps -aux

    i see there like this my php fie running with PID 22234:
    apache 22234 0.0 0.4 57660 34108 ? S 05:48 0:31 /usr/sbin/httpd

    so it is not showing my filename there.
    any help plz?

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