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    Putty with xming crashes with certain windows with RHEL 6 and virt-manager

    This could be a mother of all integration exercises.

    I am running Xming and puTTY 0.60 on a 64 bit Windows 7 workstation. I launch puTTY, set it up for X11 forwarding, and connect to a RHEL 6 server. From the server, I launch a program named virt-manager. virt-manager launches and correctly displays on my Windows 7 workstation.

    Inside virt-manager, running on RHEL6 and displaying on my Windows 7 workstation, I create a new virtual machine and go through the setup questions. If I check the checkbox that says "Customize" and click "Next", puTTY blows up and a window pops up that lets me send my error info to Microsoft.

    If I don't click the "Customize" button and just click "Next", sometimes the create VM dialogue runs to completion, sometimes puTTY still blows up.

    With a working virtual machine, trying to look at its graphical console window makes puTTY crawl - to the point where even closing the puTTY window may take moe than one minute.

    So the question - does anyone have ideas on how to troubleshoot this monster?


    - Greg Scott

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    last entry by me,
    try xshell instead of putty..

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