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    Question Installing LOCAL APPS on LTSP 4.2

    Dear All,

    We have a combination of Red Hat Enterprise AS 3.0 and LTSP 4.2. There are 100+ users connected to a single server through Thin Client due to which the server is overloaded and degrades the performance. So I want to know how to install LOCAL APPS on LTSP 4.2 so that I can reduce the load on server.


    Prasad V Joshi

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    Sorry, but the available documentation chapter on local applications only talks about the environment variable settings. I think it's more a matter of where the software gets executed, rather than where it is stored. I suspect that the software and data files will still exist on the server, but you should be able to off-load some of the processing overhead to the client. FWIW, RHEL 3 is REALLY dated, and according to the web site, 4.2 is also deprecated in favor of version 5. It is supposed to be a lot more efficient than 4.2, and since the clients are network booted, migrating them should not be a major problem, although the current application mix running on the server will need to be updated and/or tested in a more up-to-date environment, such as RHEL 5.5 or 6.0.
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    Besides the remarks of Rubberman (I strongly support him when he says your OS and LTSP version is heavily outdated and should be updated) the way of getting applications run by your clients instead of by the server, is installing them inside the chroot.
    Depending on the type of clients (processor and Ram available) you use and the network you have (Gb network will have not a big problem transferring larger images, however 10Mb would become a disaster) it might work to run applications locally. Don't start installing applications on the client because the major afvantage of having centralized administration will be gone.

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    Dear All,

    Thanks for your replies. Kindly let me know the procedure to install the applications in chroot on LTSP 4.2.



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