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    welcome me to the new world.but...gnome and win HD :(:(:(..

    hi there....
    sorry about the tiltle
    i know it dont make sence :d
    anyways... am here for help with some problems i dont know what to do with it... cuz am nwebie :d
    i installed mandrake amd64 bit... and it didnt work... after downloading 3cds
    again i tried xp 64 bit... didnt work
    again linux gentooo... ... the hardest soo far!! i couldnt even get the installer to start
    thats 3 days wasted .....

    Finally... .i got FC3 x86_6... it did work.. it did install... easy and nice.... what else can i say about it....

    after installing .. i cant access my win xp disk.. which has all my files and music... i cant even access the other sata disk or any partition .. dont know why...
    i installed linux on the IDE maxtor 40 gb.... 2 partions .. 1 for files... and other for linux..
    the other maxtor is 80 gb with xp inside it .. using SATA

    my question is ... how can i access my files though linux to both harddrives or partitions... cuz i cant c no c: or d: drives anywhere..... thanx in advanced

    when i log in into fc3... i always get this messege.... saying

    x1-6-00-0f-ea-23f-92-ca. <<< ill double check if its right....

    could no tlook up for internet address for x1-xxxx--xxxx-xxx .. gnome wont function properly.... plz xxxxxxxxxxxxxx file /etc/hosts

    sorry ppl.. the messege is not accurate ... i cant remember it... but its similar to that...
    i always get it when i log in.. plus... my internet connection is working fine... and evreything else is working fine too...
    any help???
    thanx in advance

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    Well in gentoo there is no installer!!! YOU are the installer try it again but read the gentoo handbook first next time!
    as for the rest i dunno!
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    I don't know about the log-in error, but i can help you with accessing the windows drive.
    Windows is the only OS that's assigns letters to drives, other OSes, including linux, mount them under directories. Under linux, you have a root system, and everything is mounted under that.
    The partition you installed Linux on is mounted as " / "
    other stuff gets mounted in other directories under that one, such as "/media/cdrecorder"
    Your windows drive is probably NTFS file system, since if it was FAT32, FC3 could read it.
    First, you need the NTFS kernel module available here:
    This adds NTFS support to the kernel in FC3 for amd64 chips
    Next you need to figure out which drive is your windows drive and mount it.
    If windows is on the first harddrive (or you only have one harddrive), and it's the first partition, it's probably "/dev/hda1"
    Alternatively, you can open the Hardware Browser in Gnome, and check the harddrive section for an NTFS filesystem. Once you know which device it is, you'll need to create a directory and mount it. An easy way would be to create a folder named winxp in " / " and then open a terminal and enter "mount [device] /winxp" (replace [device] with the device, such as /dev/hda1)
    Now you can access it like any other folder

    Sorry if i sound a bit confusing.

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    thanx both of u...
    mr.. i already gave up with gentoo.... i tried all the commands for a full day... it was difficult.. thanx for the help any way

    secondly,,,, i will do what u told me about the winxp... but the problem is... when i installed fc3... win xp disappeard from the booting menu.. therefore.. i only can load fc3... after trying to fix xp... i done it by fixmbr... then .. only xp boots.. and fc3 doesnt

    what is the deal now
    xp is working now!!! but not fc3....
    is there any tweak that i can do for fc3 bootloader.. any commmnad ????

    first drive is sata maxtor 80 gb with 2 partitions.... both are ntfs...and both for xp.....
    the second drive is IDE maxtor 40gb. .with 2 partitions...1st partition is for fc3.. with ex3 '/' and swap and 'root'
    and second partitions is for general files ... its ntfs..

    hope this explains what is going on.....
    am ready for command...


    thanx in advanced ....

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    You'll have to edit your bootloader; for Grub go to /boot/grub/menu.lst and edit it to add the windows partition

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    Get force-get May The Source Be With You

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    come on ppl....
    its a bad start with linux

    i tried everything i can.... with grud with F5 linux rescue.. .they all dont work

    after entering the linux rescue and follwoing the instructinos...... i get this messege when booting... NTLDR is missing....

    **** HINT ****

    I have done a little mistake that may caused all the damage!!!!!
    i deleted the master boot record mbr for the second hard drive which is for linux... cuz i thought it was the win xp one ... soo... am sure that done a lot of damage... but there must b a solution


    thanx in advance

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    You can try and fix your MBR with the Win98 CD(ou try a repair with the suXp CD)

    Or you can simply mount your partititions on Linux, save all your important files to a CD/DVD and format once and for all, the Winblows partition.

    Hope it helps.

    GL m8

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    ok ok

    one last question.....

    i will format everything... and reinstall everything sounds cool


    i know what to do with xp so dont worry,,, its gonna be on the first disk

    for the second disk

    shall i have



    what is recommended... am only gonna install 1 linux distro, no more that that.....

    plz write back

    and ill promise its the last question

    make sure u explain it tho

    thanx for the help ppl

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    i usually have:

    /boot - 100MB
    / -
    /swap (mandatory - at least doouble of your ram but it's usually more than enough nowadays for a home user)
    /home (or it will be under / - don't use it if its only you using the 'puter)

    i only give you size for boot 'coz it's more than certain for average usage. the rest goes with pratice depending only on what you'll do with your box. As you have plenty of space try 3GB on /usr and the same on /var. You'll see you'll have LOTS of free space on /usr and even more on /var. Get familiar with the space needed when installing your distro.

    and try to use lvm. at least you can assign more space to partitions if you undersized them (or reduce the size for that matter (i wouldn't try reduce it but it's your data )

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    thanks to everybody who helped

    now on....

    /boot = 100mb
    / = 7Gb
    /swap = 4Gb
    /usr = 3 GB
    /var = 3 Gb
    /home = 3Gb

    Total 20Gb thats all i have for FC3

    hope thats right.... ill write back with the results.... any correction plz

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