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    Newbie Server Set Up Help

    Hey everyone!

    I have recently moved over from windows 2003 server to Fedora Core 3 set up as my server. This is because windows is well, crap, and catches viri far too easily.

    So i have installed fedora and all is good there, although it is a little strange as i am new to linux. Anyway, i am trying to set up the same (or similar) services as i had running before for my client machines. I want to be able to have windows clients as well as linux (possibly gentoo).

    Incidentally, i noticed a few people struggling to get their discs to pass the media test at the beggining of the install and i discovered that nero was the problem and if i used Alcohol 120%, the discs were perfect.

    Previously i had DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, and the usual file and printer servers. I have spent quite a while trying to work out how to get any of these running, and so far have failed. I have read around the first 10 pages of this forum, and have found nothing about how to do this and all the other furums i have tried have made very little sense.

    If it makes any difference at this point my setup is the following:
    I have 1 machine that i want as a proxy/gateway and firewall to the internet, which has got 2 network cards in. I was originally thinking that this would also be my DHCP, DNS and Active Directory.
    I have another machine which i want to be my file server and print server.
    If this is a bad network design please also let me know, i was just attempting to balance the load.

    Also in the future (ie when i have set this up), i am interested in setting my machines up so that i can access my files from 'outside' and therefore allow other people to access certain parts too.

    If there is anyone who is prepared to be patient and help a newbie, please let me know.

    Thanx for looking!


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    for file/printer sharing, use Samba (since you'll be communicating with windows as well). This, DNS, and DHCP are installable packages from the Fedora Install Process (at least on 1 and i think 2), so that means the rpm's will be on the cd. i'm not sure about Active directory.

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    I knew there would be something i forgot to write!

    Yes i can confirm that with FC3 the DHCP and DNS are installable packages. However inow that its installed i have no way of working out if they are running or how to configure them as i want! I didnt see active directory, but i would like to be able to host my own internal domain (have a domain controller).

    Thanks again!

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