Why, why, why? I tried to install Mandrake on my desknote and it installed perfectly, but the thing keeps rebooting after I choose to run Linux. Noone knew how to fix that problem. So I decided to intall FC2 on my desknote and the thing wont even give me a chance to install it. I get to the screen where it asks me to install press enter. I press enter and the system reboots. Over and over again.

This is what my Mandrake problem. /\/\/\/\/\/\

I hope somebody can help me with Fedora...
I have an ibuddie desknote A900. 1GigaPro Mobile CPU # 733MHz CPU speed # 128KB L1/64KB L2 cache. 512 sdram with a 10Gig hard drive.

By the way im fairly new to Linux. But I have FC2 running on my desktop at home. I had Mandrake on it but I like the look and feel of FC2 better. I have also used Mepis and SUSE but im still new. Ive just figured out which distro I like best.