I have a Fedora 12 load on a 4GB compact flash. One 200Mb ext2 partition for /boot and the rest of the CF as a single ext4 partition with journalling turned off and other junk to minimize write/erase operations.

The problem is that I am tasked to clone the installation and what I have tried to date is not working.

What I did so far was to use dd to copy off the MBR and the two partitions onto a USB hard drive. Then I get another CF card in place, partition it the same way -- sizes, labels, and fstypes the same, and then dd the contents of the original CF onto the new one, adding the option of oflag=noatime.

It starts to boot, buut then says :
No root device found
Boot failed
Sleeping forever

I am trying to do this with simple commands rather than dragging in a utility like Clonezilla.

Can it be done like this or am I going in the wrong direction ?

A clue, please, for this clueless one !