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    Chmod Files And Directories as 775 and 664

    I need to change folders to 775 and files to 664 recursively, but this bash does not has find command (?).

    How can I change them recursively? Thanks.

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    chmod 777 /folder/folder/*
    the " * " means recursively...


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    No it does not.
    It means to chmod everything on the level of the folder.

    chmod -R will work recursively.

    However, find would be helpfull to have files 644 and dirs 755.
    How come, that there is none?
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    find /path/to/where/you/want -type d | xargs chmod 755
    find /path/to/where/you/want -type f | xargs chmod 664

    if your bash doesn't have find, install it.

    sh-4.1# rpm -qf `which find`
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