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    Root file system backup in Redhat Linux

    Hi Experts,

    Good Morning guys...

    I have few questions in my mind.... can u people help me out....

    1) How to take root file systems backup

    2) How to take root file system backup in case if its mirrored.

    3) How to take root file system backup incase of LVM partitions.

    In solaris we have ufsdump command to take file system backup's so whats the equivalent command/tool for

    taking file system backups...

    Thanks in Advance,


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    The equivalent program is called "dump".
    Usually there is a dump for the filesystems, that linux supports.

    I dont thing the underlying layer has an influence on how it works, so single disk, mirrored and lvm should be the same from dumpīs point of view.

    Other than that, you could use amanda (which utilizes dump and/or tar)
    or bacula (which I use quite happily in my datacenters).

    And of course there are dozens more.
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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    Hi ,

    Generally incase of mirrored volumes people say that breaking the mirror, backing up the inactive member of the mirror, and then re attaching the mirror is that true incase of linux.. or can we take backup directly using dump.....

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