Hello everybody!

I ran into very strange problem. I am struggling to install Fedora or Linux on mu ThinkPad 600x 8EU PIII laptop. I collected all kinds of linuxes, but still fail to install a serious system, only MEPIS 2003-2004 is installable.
What happens my installation media does not pass check utility. First I did not do the check but always ran into installation error. Then I decided to check media and got the status FAIL. I have changed all kinds of disks and systems - all behave in a same manner. Then I thought this is CDRW drive problem, but the same drive is perfectly working on ThinkPad 600E PII laptop where installation has no problem. So I decided update BIOS and after that ran PCDOCTOR disk out of IBM site. Everything works fine.
What I did next - I allocated partition on my TOSHIBA 30G hard drive, formatted it FAT32, put all 4 ISO disks onto this partition, and booted from Fedora CD 1 giving it command "linux askmethod" pointing to new partition. I thought it will resolve my issue. No way!!! Installation even out a hard drive fails in a same way. So I formatted partition as Ext3, and used MEPIS live CD to copy ISO files onto this linux partition, and then tried to install Fedora from it. Again - complete failure!

All this gave me an idea that I ran into fundamental Linux problem. What I did next - I ran "md5sum" command against ISO file, and every time it returned absolutlely different randomlike values of checksum! At the same time same Linux programm runs OK against the same ISO files on NTFS partition!

So, anybody in this Universe can help me to resolve this unusual problem? It looks like it is a file size problem, because for small text files md5sum works fine. And all Linuxes but MEPIS do the same on my ThinkPAd 600x.