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    Hello people
    her goes my story:


    I got FC3 from RH website, installed it into my PC (Intel P4 1.8GH, 384 RAM, Soltek MotherBoard with Intel Display Card).
    Before installing FC3 i had Win XP Pro working in C drive.
    After installation i could boot to both OS using the GRUB.
    But later on i decided to change my Win Xp to Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition.I installed it on C: drive replaing the Win XP.
    As expected i could NOT use GRUb top dual boot as before.
    With some help from a couple of web sites i decided to use Linux Rescue using my FC3 CD1 .
    That worked fine except that i couldn'[t boot into Win Server 2003.
    Everytime i selected Win2k3 I got a BLANK screen with a Blinking cursor ..and it ended just there.
    After playing with some GRUB commands I finally got frustrated and RE-INSTALLED FC3 afresh.
    Here goes the trouble:
    My drives are config as follows:

    /dev/hda1 has Win2k3 Server
    /dev/hda2 ==> I put "/" i.e the root
    /dev/hda3 ===> swap
    /dev/hda4 "Extended"
    /dev/hda5 My docs vfat
    /dev/hda6 My docs vfat
    /dev/hda5 My docs vfat

    Note that i didnt install a "/boot" .
    The problem was that everytime i tried to make a "/boot" sector after i had created the "/swap" and "/root" i got an error that i couldn't create one.
    it also happened with the other 2 as well ...
    My guess was that I couldn't label the sector "/dev/hda4" because that already existed as one of my drives paths.
    So i got frustrated and left that out ...i.e i didnt install a /boot sector.

    In addition , EVERYTIME i tried to do an update (bootloader update) i get a message that the system was unable to locate my bootloader.
    I just did a CLEAN installation of FC3 abt 30 mins ago.using the above info.
    I still cannot boot into Win 2003 server :
    When i select it i get the follwoing message :

    Booting "Windows"
    rootnoverify (hdo, 0)
    chainloader +1


    sth like that.
    I edited the boot parameter for Windows by replacing

    rootnoverify (hd0, 0)
    chainloader +1


    root (hd0, 0)
    chainloader +1

    But no change occur.Just like before the system halts at that stage and i get the "BEEP BEEP ....." as if my PC is a time bomb thatz about to detonate.

    I am VERY NEW to this whole linux thing...I basically know NOTHING ... :4-dontkno
    so ur help shall be highly appreciated !!

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    FC3 has some weird problem of corrupting the first sector of Hard Disk. So it confuses which OS to boot up in la'man terms. So you have to follow the instructions below
    1) ALL data will be lost - Everything on the hard disk will be erased.
    2) The following solution was given by my friend when I tried to install DUAL boot with FC3 and Win XP Professional.
    3) So please think before you proceed further and make proper back ups.
    4) At the grub promt you may try the combination of
    grub>rootnoverify ( hd0,0) (try with (hd0,1) (hd0,2) )

    Overwrite all contents that are on the HDD  with zeros:
      'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=512'.
      Note that you have substitute /dev/hda the device name
      for your HARD DISK.
    - Create a new, empty partition:
      'fdisk /dev/hda'.  Then hit 'w'.
      It is recommended to do this and the next step as seperate commands,
      since up to this point fdisk doesn't know the correct size of the
      HDD and uses the default of 1GB.
      The following fdisk however re-reads the partition table and
      determines the correct size of the HDD:
    - Create a new FAT32 partition:
      'fdisk /dev/hda'.
      Type 'n' for new partition, 'p' for primary, '1' for first partition
      and use the defaults for the partition size (ie. just hit enter).
      Change the partition type to FAT32: type 't' and 'c'.
      Write the changes to the HDD: 'w'.
    - Create a new FAT32 filesystem:
      'mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/hda'

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    Try adding this to the grub:

    title Windows 2003
    map (hd0) (hd1)
    map (hd1) (hd0)
    rootnoverify (hd1,0)
    chainloader +1

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