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    Quota do not work on SAMBA Server?

    Quota do not work on SAMBA Server?
    When XP SP1 client access to SAMBA server, Quota do work beacuse user has harddrive capacity limiit.

    Share harddrive isn't show limit capacity. On the other hand, it show fully capacity. Why? how can user know what accurate capacity? Thx!

    < My Linux is Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3
    quota 3.09-1 & samba-3.0.0-14.3E >

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    Well in a normal *x system the user would run "quota" to get his/her settings...

    The only way I know of is for you to do a script that emails the information to users, alternetivly writes a file on the users home dir with the information of his/her quotas.

    Sorry for the short hand information!


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