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    Naughty, Fedora! Naughty!

    I bought my nephew a new Mac a couple of months ago. He decided he would give his old machine (A three year old Dell Dimension 4400; 20 GB HDD; 128 RAM; combo drive) to his brother-in-law and nieces. But first he thought he'd pay a technician to look it over and then get Windows XP for it. I convinced him this was economically unfeasible. I told him I could put Linux on it and it would be fine for them for the basic stuff.

    I found out the machine wouldn't boot from the cd rom so I went into the BIOS and changed the boot sequence. Piece of cake.

    First I put Xandros Desktop 2 on it, but had second thoughts because it has no firewall and is based on KDE...and no matter how much you tweak it, KDE is just butt ugly.

    I had been using FC2 with few problems, but Core 3 was about to come out so I waited.

    For me, FC3 has had all the charm of a cold water enema, but I figured some of my problems might be related to my ancient hardware, so I tried it on my nephew's machine.

    Pretty much the same issues there. So I popped the first FC2 install disc in the drive and rebooted. FC3 completed ignored the boot sequence! It's holding the machine hostage. I tried several times, even shutting down and starting up again with the disc in the drive. I checked out the BIOS and the boot settings are as I made them.

    So, what's the deal here? I'm sure it's something that can be resolved (though I about pee my pants at the prospect of some convoluted command line operation), I'm just ignorant.

    Any tips?

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    well, there should be someplace on the actual MB( where you can physically erase the bios and start again.

    no clue why it would do that

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    Had Mandrake 10.1 do that very same trick on one of my older machines, used a live CD to kill the HD so it would stop booting, silliest thing I have seen in a while.

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