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    Fedora15 strange colors gnome 3 ATI Catalyst

    Hey guys,

    I'm running the beta of fedora 15. I know it's beta but i wanted to test the new gnome 3. I like its colors more than the colors of unity in ubuntu 11.04.

    I haven't got enough computer knowledge to fix these problems:

    I followed this guide and installed the latest catalyst driver:
    Geeky Dicky: Fedora 14 ATI Catalyst 10.11 Install

    Unfortunately i cannot post a screenshot because the picture gets messed up as well

    I'm having a problem with the upper bar (where "activities" is found). It's not appearing in its normal colors but shows strange colors (purple, green pink,). Also the shape of icons is strange.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    My second question: How can i uninstall the Catalyst drivers if want to?

    Ooh BTW: I have a HD4580 (512mb / ATI HD4000 series)
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    Here's what I know about this:

    I've had the exact same issue on both arch linux and ubuntu gnome remix. I've found one way to get rid of the weird colors of the top bar, for some reason when I installed kde alongside gnome 3, logged in to a kde session, logged off, and then logged in to a gnome 3 session, the colors are gone and the top bar is black again (with a little more opacity than the bar has with oss drivers). I think this is a catalyst issue, so you'll simply have to wait for amd to fix it.
    I'm not a fedora user, but I think you can reinstall the oss drivers by installing xf86-video-ati through the package manager (in ubuntu and arch this will automatically replace catalyst with oss drivers)

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    Thank you for the answer. There is no xf86-video-ati package in fedora. I wanted to have one Desktop, so I just reinstalled fedora. Anyway I would still like to know an answer to my questions. Does anyone know them?

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    I have the same issue. I hope amd will update there driver soon. In the mean time I'm using the oss driver which is fine apart from my battery life has gone down the drain.

    To un-install the binary driver run the un-install script found in /usr/share/ati/

    If anyone finds an alternative solution to saving battery life and getting sound out of the HDMI port without the binary drivers please let me know.

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