We have a mac book connected to our network. It can surf the web and even get into our network files. However, these network files are on linux, and finding the open files (not password protected) is fine. But we need the mac book to get into the protected files to edit our media. When we connect to the linux server, there is a pop-up asking for a login. We enter the correct credentials that work for everyone else to get into our protected files, but these credentials don't work...
There is a message that pops up:
"This operation cannot be completed because the original file '<file_name_here>' cannot be found."
But it found the other open files...?

My question is, what do we do to get this to work? is there some kind of software problem, something missing? Is there ANY way to fix this?

The macbook is 'os x' and the linux server is 'fedora 10'