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    Hey guys,
    I reinstalled FC3. For the first 3 or 4 bootups it has gone fine.
    Then the same exact thing happened again!
    What are the scripts I should replace?

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    When i tried to do dual monitors in FC3, my computer hung at boot too. Evidently the graphical boot, or whatever it is, does not like dual monitors. I edited the grub.conf and deleted all cases of 'rhgb' which tells the computer to use the graphical boot, and now my computer boots up fine, and it boots up faster without the graphical boot anyways. Have you checked whether it did not boot for you only after you setup dual head? because that is what happened to me.

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    I use NVIDIA's drivers and I had same problem after installing them. It always freezed to setting kernel parameters. You can go get through this by pressing ctrl+alt+F3. Then I had to copy all /dev/nvidia* files to /etc/udev/devices. And that did it. I'm not sure what drivers you use. Or is this any help for. I'm just a beginner myself.

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    Here's a link which hopefully has some use:

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    I dont know how to do any of those things...
    Can you explain them

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