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    Exaile won't play on startup -- Fedora 15

    Hi I am running the default Gnome 3 Fedora distribution with Exaile installed in the place of the default media player. When I restart Exaile gives error that the resource is not found. However I can open and play a file with VLC media player, and afterwards exaile works just fine. I have installed a program call Fedoraplus and used the option to install most codecs, when everything is working I can play just about anything.


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    Well I found out what the problem was, the drive that holds my music was an ntfs partition and was not being mounted at startup therefore Exaile could not access the files to play them. The problem was more with the error message than anything. when it says Resource not found in the error message it makes you think there is something wrong with gstreamer. I think this error message should be changed to something like "could not access media files". To solve the problem I added a like in fstab to mount the ntfs partition on startup, removed all of the folders from my collection list in exaile and restarted the computer. On restart I was able to open exaile and add my folders into the collection list in exaile, since the partition is automounted now I have no problems with this error.

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    Hi I'm rather new to Linux and computer science in general so I'm still learning how to access everything. I, too, have been having this same problem with Exaile, and I'm excited that someone has found the solution, but I'm afraid I don't know what fstab or an ntfs partition is or exactly how to start fixing the problem. Thanks!

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