I have been using rhythmbox, madman, zinf, freevo, etc, etc for months but I still remain unsatisfied with audio apps in general. A search on the web reveals the same stuff, and sourceforge and freshmeat aren't much better. I find old links to nowhere, etc.

Is there an app like J.River's Media Center? Is there something similar that will search subfolders?

All the apps I mention above will play music, and help to categorize them...but they fall pretty short in terms of real usefulness.

I tried also to install kplaylistmaker and another kde app, but they kept failing dependencies -- just a linux thing.

So -- maybe some of you have had better luck and you have that killer-app I am looking for?

Another thing I keep seeing is transcode needs to use terrific amounts of temp disc space to "transcode" a ripped DVD. Last night I started to rip Spiderman 2, it ripped fine, even quickly in chapter mode, but when I clicked transcode to shrink and AVI the vob files, transcode said it needed 80 GB for the task.

AYFKM??? 80 GB? I changed some transcode settings .. from OGG container to AVI etc, but at least 74 gb was still needed. Did I set the program up incorrectly? Is this for real? The movie isn't that long and I never saw that amount needed before.

Thanks for your input, it is much appreciated.