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Hi All,

I am running Fedora Core 14 (

I have Totem V2.32.0 & VLC V1.1.9 but when I try to play a DVD both applications can see the title but then do nothing (they flash with the DVD title and then stop).

Any ideas whats going on?


Check out the "The Unofficial FedoraŽ FAQ" at The Unofficial FedoraŽ FAQ

The Table of COntents:
About Fedora

    What is this Fedora thing?
    What is the difference between Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
    Is it unstable?
    Has it been released?
    Where can I find a list of all the programs that come with Fedora (a package list)?
    When is the next version of Fedora coming out?
    How can I help out the Fedora Project?

Installing Fedora

    Where do I get it?
    Can I install on ReiserFS or JFS?
    Can Fedora run on a 64-bit (AMD-64 or Intel-64) computer?
    Can I run Fedora on a Mac?

Using Fedora and Installing Software

    Where can I get software for Fedora?
    How do I install software in Fedora? (How to use yum or an RPM)
    Is there anything like apt for Fedora?
    How do I install a working Java plugin for my web browser?
    How can I install Flash in Firefox?
    How can I see PDF files inside my browser?
    How can I watch movies in my web browser?
    Can I use MSN Messenger/AIM/ICQ/Yahoo instant messaging in Fedora?
    Can I install the standard Windows fonts on Fedora?
    Where can I get drivers for my hardware for Fedora?
    How do I read my NTFS (Windows NT/2000/XP/2003) drive in Fedora?
    How do I edit the menus in the panel?
    How do I install Wine?
    How do I play DVDs in Fedora?
    How do I play MP3s in Fedora?

Problems and Their Solutions

    I get a NOKEY warning from RPM, or I get a gpg signature error when using yum!
    How do I enable 3D support for my ATI Radeon card in Fedora?
    How do I enable 3D support for my nVidia graphics card in Fedora?
    The installer's media check says all my CDs are bad!
    I have strange installation problems.
    I can't access my Windows network shares anymore! People tell me to use the smbmount command, but it doesn't work!
    Y is ur f4q so dum n bad?