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    Mount ntfs external drive

    Hi friends,

    I am new to Linux. I have a new ntfs usb external drive. I have attached to the Linux server but can't locate it. I would like to 1. mount it.
    2. format to Linux file system
    3. and then create share folders with passwords using samba.

    Can someone out there give me step by step guidance.


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    On some distributions it may be done automatically. Did you look for the drive in the /media or /mnt directories? If it's not there, log in as root and create a mount point, mount whatever the device is called to that mount point. You don't give any information on drives/partitions so it's hard to give more detail. Create share folders where? A little more detail on your setup.

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    you should probably type
    fdisk -l
    in a terminal you are logged in as root in. After you have found this you type(without the parentheses)
    mount "location of device you want to mount" "the place you want it to be mounted(usually in /media)"
    hopefully this will work for you

    P.S. Oh by the way to become root in the terminal you type su and then type in your root password when it asks for it. If you are in Ubuntu you just type sudo before each of the above commands instead.

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