I'm having a similar problem on my RedHat5 box at work and my Fedora 14 box at home. When typing a URL in a browser (happens in both Firefox and Chrome), the autofill feature appears to hang up the application for a fraction of a second. I notice the titlebar of the browser flickering (losing focus) with each keystroke as the autofill function is recalculating. I'm pretty sure its the autofill feature doing this because it doesn't happen when I type a URL that isn't recognized in my browser history.

In that fraction of a second that the autofill causes the browser to lose focus, all keystrokes are lost. So google.com looks like goole.co, or some other random permutation. Very annoying.

Is this a known issue with Fedora/RedHat, or am I approaching this from the wrong angle? I tried a few keywords in google, but nothing came up describing these symptoms. I don't think it's a specific problem with the browsers because the exact same symptoms are showing in both Chrome and Firefox. Both computers I'm using have at least dual-core 2Ghz processors, so I doubt it's a speed problem either.