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Thread: chmod issue

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    chmod issue

    hi out there
    we have a customer that ran a sudo chmod +x -R * command on his / filesystem by mistake and now the machine cannot be accessed on the network

    Has anyone any idea what chmod command to run to restore the system to its original state ?


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    This cannot be easily reverted.

    Once you gain access to the box either locally or via remote management,
    your options are:

    a) Make a list of all files and permissions of a comparable system (same distribution, same version, etc)
    and apply those on the borked machine
    b) look at the changes via a previously installed file integrity scanner like aide, apply like in a)
    c) restore the system directorys from backup
    d) maybe rpm still works.
    rpm -Va
    This command will list all modified packages/files.
    Reinstall these packages via rpm (or yum, if it still works)
    e) reinstall

    Personally, I would go for e), as my machines are fully automated, config controlled and redundant.
    If that is not the case, try d)

    Seems a little more is needed to get to the list of packages:
    rpm -Va --nodeps --noscripts --nodigest --nosignature --nolinkto --nomd5 --nosize --nouser --nogroup --nomtime --nordev | sed -n 's/.*M.* \(.*\)/\1/p' |xargs rpm -qf --queryformat "%{NAME}\n" | sort | uniq
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