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Thread: Write to a file

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    Write to a file

    I want to write a file in linux

    for windows I use
    FileWriter airFile = new FileWriter("c:\\Asthma_Data\\zip.xml");

    what path would I use for linux?
    should I start from root

    FileWriter airFile = new FileWriter("root\\Asthma_Data\\zip.xml");

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    If your Asthma_Data folder is present inside opt then
    FileWriter airFile = new FileWriter("/opt/Asthma_Data/zip.xml");

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    what about root????
    shouldnt it be
    FileWriter airFile = new FileWriter("/opt/Asthma_Data/zip.xml");

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    It is good practice to avoid using the root user, if possible.

    In general:
    If that Asthma_Data/zip.xml is your personal data, it belongs in your home directory.
    If data needs to be shared locally or remote, then I tend to create datadirectories like /data1, /data2, etc and bindmount directories in them to /data
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