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    how to yank (and even cooler replace) a line in a bunch of files

    I have a file that is in almost all my /home web accounts, here:


    in that file is a line I want to get rid of:

    <script id="jslocal" language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="/site-local/local.js"></script>

    is there a simple shell script that would recurse all /home/xxx/public_html directories, and then yank this line (it will always be exactly the same)

    and better yet, for future, is there any way I can REPACE that line with another.. for now I'd be happy to get rid of it

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    find /home/account*/public_html/ -type f -name "cms3.0.php" | while read FILENAME; do sed '/<script id="jslocal" language="JavaScript" type="text\/javascript" src="\/site-local\/local.js"><\/script>/c // PLACEHOLDER' ${FILENAME};done
    - Be sure to escape the /
    - If the result is to your liking, (watch out for multiple matches per file), then call sed with sed -i
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    Perl response

    find /home/account????/public_html/ -name cms3.0.php -exec perl -pi -e 's/<script id="jslocal" language="JavaScript" type="text\/javascript" src="\/site-local\/local.js"><\/script>/this works pretty nice/' {} \;

    This works in much the same way as the example given above except a perl script is used.

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