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    RHEL 6 Network Manager Dead

    So I'm having major network issues. I cannot get a real IP address with this RHEL installation I have. Im using a Braodcom NetLink ethernet card and the tg3 driver that came with my install cd.

    When I go to services it says my NetworkManager is enables but dead. I'm guessing this may be a cause so anyone have any ideas?

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    IMO, NetworkManager is crap. Disable it. Use /etc/init.d/network only.
    service NetworkManager stop
    chkconfig NetworkManager off
    service network restart
    chkconfig network on
    What do you mean by "real ip address"? Is it set up for DHCP or Static IP?

    Try these commands to help assess your problem:

    show current ip config:
    ip a
    route -n
    show ethernet devices known to kernel:
    ls /sys/class/net
    show physical connection on eth0 device:
    ethtool eth0|grep Link
    show contents of eth0 ip configuration file:
    cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

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    Im sorry if I was unclear. Turns out when I run

    /etc/init.d/NetworkManager status
    NetworkManager starts up and I finally can connect to the internet. However it seems like I have to do this everytime I reboot. Is there a way to get NetworkManager starting up on its own?

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    chkconfig NetworkManager on

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    Still didnt work. NetworkManager still doesnt boot on startup.

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    Not sure why. Does it start properly when you do "service NetworkManager start"?

    Like I said, I don't use it, so I'm not much help. If you're not using wireless, I still say disable it and use good old /etc/init.d/network. Or is there some reason you have/want to use NetworkManager?

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