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    Yes i was refering to the BSOD (Blue-Screen), i did what rinjo said which was F8 to load safe mode and allowed me to boot the system. However i never created a backup or restore point so it didn't really help any.

    Thus i have re-installed the system & from it all identified the problem. In short if you run a mcafee anti-virus CD on 64-Bit win 7 it causes a system crash lol, i figured this out the hard way.

    Not only can you not even install the McAfee but the moment you try and auto-run or manually select setup from the CD it causes a crash.

    Thanks glennzo, i will fix my grub up now that i know what the problem is, kind of annoying that retail McAfee anti-virus CD crashes the system, gonna ask McAfee how i can fix it (if possible) so my paid for anti-virus isn't a waste of money lol.

    Just out of curiosity does anybody have a rough idea of the risk factor involved in dual-booting Windows & Linux?

    I know a enough that viruses can cross-over OS's to a large extent if your not careful & usually only through Mail, external drives or if their is a shared partition (i.e. where transferring of files from one OS to another can take place).

    However, it is my assumption that if there is No crossing over of files between a Linux & Windows (or Mac for that matter) partitions & both OS's are on separate drives with the necessary protection; viruses & other malware crossover would be pretty minimal if not non-existent?

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    good to know that you have sort out the issue, although re-installation is kind of the hard and tedious way .
    I have been running dual boot on my laptop for more than 4 yrs now, and have never faced issues like cross over virus attacks.
    I even upgrade my linux partition from time to time to newer versions without any issues.
    Linux Rocks!!!!
    -- Rinjo
    Setup: Oses: Windows 7 HB and Fedora 17 dual boot Hardware: HP Pavilion G6-2005AX laptop, AMD A8 Quad Core, 4 GB RAM, 1.5 GB dual Graphics card, 500GB HDD.

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