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    Resizing a root partition

    I joined the fedora irc channel and asked how to delete a partition. We actually decided that we could not delete the partition I wanted to delete because it was a root partition. After unmounting the partition, and one other patition with a really long directory name, all of my applications dissapeared. I need a safe surefire way to resize a root partition. I don't want to unmount anything because we don't know if we'll be able to mount it again.

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    You cannot, let me say this again, CANNOT resize live partitions. What I suggest you do is burn GPARTED and then boot that to resize.


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    1. Boot Live/Recovery CD/DVD
    2. Backup root partition data.
    3. Resize root partition.
    4. Restore root partition data.

    Anything else will likely result in a fubar'd system.
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    You can't unmount the root partition, because it contains the operating system. You have to boot from another drive, best a liveCD or liveUSB, then use gparted to resize the partitions you want to deal with, as posted above. I've resized both my / and /home partitions without issues. Be careful, though, it's not without some risk. Backing it up is always a good idea.

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