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    Fedora 14 on Acer EasyStore H340 Home Server

    Hello all,
    I was planning to install Fedora 14 with Amahi Home Server software on my Acer EasyStore H340 home server.

    I plan to use two hard drives in it:
    a 120 GB for most of the OS
    and a 2TB for the /var directory, since Amahi stores all of the user's files there.

    I put the Fedora 14 DVD on an external hard drive, and I was able to boot the installer, but when I have both hard drives in, Fedora says it needs a driver with the system setup.
    I found that if I remove one of the drives, setup works without a problem.

    In case it's important, the H340 uses an Intel ICH7R storage chipset. There is no option for ACHI in the BIOS, so I have no idea if that's on or not. (I assume it is, though.)

    I'd prefer to get through the installation using both HDDs, but if that's not possible, is there a way to move the /var directory after installation?

    Thanks in advance!

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    OK, so I installed Fedora with only one hard drive in, put in the other after installation, and then followed the directions found in this post to move the /var directory onto the other hard drive.
    The problem is, Fedora fails to boot after I move the /var directory in this manner. I can move the "var.log" backup that I make (see post referenced above) back, and then all is well.

    If someone can help me either move /var, or reinstall with /var on the other disk to begin with, I'd greatly appreciate it!

    EDIT: I may have gotten it to work; results pending. I left the 2TB drive out, started the installation media and got to the graphical installer, then I connected the 2TB drive. I had to wait a minute or two, but it was detected, and I was able to make it house the /var directory, with the 120GB just being "/"...We'll see what happens.)
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