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    If you do the reinstall of Gnome I suggest that
    a) do it from run level 3
    b) take a close look at what it's removing for dependencies such as gmd etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by tron_thomas
    The top most option was Fedora (2.6.38-35.fc15-i686). However, recently I accidentally accepted the default item in the GRUB menu which was Fedora (2.6.38-35.fc15-i686.PAE) and that did boot into X Windows and put at a graphical log in prompt.
    Curious if you do a
    yum list kernel*
    Which kernel-*-devel packages do you have? PAE is for systems with 3GB or more RAM.

    You never did say what graphics system you have?

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    Here's what I get when using yum list kernel*:

    Installed Packages
    kernel.i686 @updates/14
    kernel.i686 @anaconda-InstallationRepo-201105131946.i686
    kernel.i686 @updates
    kernel-PAE.i686 @updates/14
    kernel-PAE.i686 @anaconda-InstallationRepo-201105131946.i686
    kernel-PAE.i686 @updates
    kernel-PAE-devel.i686 @updates/14
    kernel-PAE-devel.i686 @anaconda-InstallationRepo-201105131946.i686
    kernel-PAE-devel.i686 @updates
    kernel-headers.i686 @updates
    Available Packages
    kernel-PAEdebug.i686 updates
    kernel-PAEdebug-devel.i686 updates
    kernel-debug.i686 updates
    kernel-debug-devel.i686 updates
    kernel-devel.i686 updates
    kernel-doc.noarch updates
    My system only has 2 Gigabytes of RAM so I don't know why it is using PAE. I have an nVidia graphics card.

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    This is one reason why upgrades aren't recommended over clean installs. Since you're now going to F15 you could remove the F14 stuff. No harm that I know of running PAE with 2GB RAM. You indicated you weren't able to boot into the non PAE kernel so you'll need to stick with it until you can get the other kernel working. You might want to add the kernel-devel package then try booting with the non PAE kernel again. When you verify that it works then you can remove the PAE stuff.

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