I'm running Fedora 15 on a Dell Inspiron 1440 (with a 64-bit processor and the B43 wireless driver). Whenever I try to use tools that sniff packets, such as wireshark, kismet, tcpdump, arpspoof, ettercap, etc. my wireless internet is disconnected after a couple minutes and I can't re-authenticate until I reboot my laptop.

I came up with possible reasons this could be happening:
  • I know that my chipset needs the B43 LP PHY driver (for low power chipsets), maybe B43-fwcutter somehow installed the wrong version?
  • Maybe Fedora has something built in to stop people from ARP poisoning?
  • Maybe there's a bug in the B43 driver (maybe it doesn't support 64-bit processors very well)?
  • Maybe my wireless router is programmed to stop people from ARP spoofing (although it worked fine on Ubuntu)?

Anyone have any ideas or solutions?