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    Please help me install RedHat 9.0

    I'm a very new user to Linux and need some desperate help. I have all three of the RedHat 9 disks, but I'm unable to boot them. I am having a very serious error with Windows XP where it will not let me into it and I am unable to reinstall it because of some error. I have set my BIOS to read from the CD-ROM drive first, but it won't load the disks. So, I am using a boot diskette that I made, using a tutorial from here:
    Once I am into the installation screen, I select my language and keyboard type. When it asks me where I would like to install from, I choose the CD-ROM drive. It searches for the disk but does not acknowledge that it is there. Does anyone know what the problem is? I would really like to try this Operating System.

    Thanks in advance,

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    One of the things that I had to figure out was how I had burned the files on to the CDs. If you open the CD through Windows Explorer do you see ONE icon that says blah_blah.iso OR do you see a bunch of files listed?

    If you only see one file then the CDs have been burned incorrectly and you need to burn them again but as an image. So first open up the CDs in Windows and see what you have going on. If you already do have CDs burned with a number of files then I'm not sure what else the problem could be.

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    Yes, I had extracted the contents of the image file first and then burned them. I have many files and a few directories on the disk. I am pretty sure that I did not burn them incorrectly...

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    Umm... If you extracted the image first it's burned incorrectly.
    The correct way to burn the ISOs is using the option in the burner program to burn a disk from an image. Any recent burning program should work correctly. Just make sure you're burning it as an ISO and not a data CD.
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    I downloaded the ISO image and used WinRAR to extract its contents. I then took those files and burned them to a data CD. I did not burn the ISO image to the CD, just it's contents

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