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    Question Cannot mount USB storage device in Red Hat 9

    Hi guys,

    I need help mounting a Western Digital USB storage device in Red Hat 9. I realise this is an outdated and unsupported distro, however updating at this point is not an option.

    The Red Hat box currently operates as a backup unit that my company has inherited from another and although there are plans to update to Fedora in the near future, the backup unit is still performing all of its necessary functions.

    The only issue I am having with this unit is that when a USB storage device is attached, it does not appear when I type the command fdisk -l with a /dev/sdXX number. I have checked the settings in the BIOS to make sure USB devices are enabled and have searched for hours trying to determine what others issues could be preventing this from working but have had no luck.

    I need to use this device to retrieve the data from the unit as it is located at another site.

    The LED on the USB device lights up when it is plugged in so I know the drive is functioning to some degree. The device also shows up when I use the /sbin/lsusb command under Bus 001 Device 003.

    One other thing that I have noticed is when the system boots up, it shows the ehci-hcd driver failed to load, which I am led to believe is the driver that allows for the operation of USB 2.0.

    If there is anyone who has an idea on how to solve this problem I would certainly appreciate some help.

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    The stick is listed in /sbin/lsusb so that means that the USB system itself has recognized the stick and it isn't a hardware or bios problem.
    I think RH9 predated ?udev?, so you are working with premade nodes in your /dev/ directory that exist whether or not the device exists.

    If you post a list of "lsmod" output, that might be helpful; and you should be able to find error messages just seconds after the memory stick is plugged in by doing the command 'dmesg'. The last few lines printed are going to be from the last event (usb) that happened and may give you error message clues.

    The memory stick is supposed to mount as a scsi drive; do you have other scsi drives on the system? eg: even an ide/pata drive that lists correctly as a scsi drive? (emulation of scsi on atapi controls, or ide-scsi module.).
    If not, it might be that you don't have support for scsi devices properly loaded. On a newer kernel, a modprobe sd_mod and modprobe scsi_mod would install the two mandatory pieces, if they are available as a module, but the naming might be different on an earlier kernel -- I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm too busy tonight to check in depth, but you might try it to see what is happens if you try to install those modules.

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    Hi andrewr,

    Thanks for responding to my post. Sorry I haven't got back to you in a while, I have been flat out at work.

    Although I believe I do already have SCSI devices mounted, I tried the two modprobe commands you suggested, but unfortunately I had no luck.

    To help with diagnosing the problem, the following is an output from the "lsmod" command, followed by the usb relevant lines from "dmesg":

    [root@maustr maustr]# /sbin/lsmod
    Module Size Used by Not tainted
    smbfs 44368 1 (autoclean)
    usb-storage 69332 0
    autofs 13268 0 (autoclean) (unused)
    e1000 115208 1
    microcode 4668 0 (autoclean)
    keybdev 2944 0 (unused)
    mousedev 5492 0 (unused)
    hid 22148 0 (unused)
    input 5856 0 [keybdev mousedev hid]
    usb-uhci 26348 0 (unused)
    usbcore 78784 1 [usb-storage hid usb-uhci]
    ext3 70784 3
    jbd 51892 3 [ext3]
    3w-xxxx 36064 4
    sd_mod 13452 8
    scsi_mod 107128 4 [usb-storage 3w-xxxx sd_mod]

    usb.c: registered new driver usbdevfs
    usb.c: registered new driver hub
    usb-uhci.c: $Revision: 1.275 $ time 17:59:01 Mar 13 2003
    usb-uhci.c: High bandwidth mode enabled
    PCI: Found IRQ 11 for device 00:07.2
    PCI: Sharing IRQ 11 with 00:0b.0
    usb-uhci.c: USB UHCI at I/O 0xc400, IRQ 11
    usb-uhci.c: Detected 2 ports
    usb.c: new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 1
    hub.c: USB hub found
    hub.c: 2 ports detected
    usb-uhci.c: v1.275:USB Universal Host Controller Interface driver
    usb.c: registered new driver hiddev
    usb.c: registered new driver hid
    hid-core.c: v1.8.1 Andreas Gal, Vojtech Pavlik <>
    hid-core.c: USB HID support drivers
    mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
    EXT3 FS 2.4-0.9.19, 19 August 2002 on sd(8,2), internal journal
    Adding Swap: 2096472k swap-space (priority -1)
    kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds
    EXT3 FS 2.4-0.9.19, 19 August 2002 on sd(8,1), internal journal
    EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.
    kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds
    EXT3 FS 2.4-0.9.19, 19 August 2002 on sd(8,4), internal journal
    EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.
    IA-32 Microcode Update Driver: v1.11 <>
    microcode: CPU0 already at revision 8 (current=
    microcode: freed 2048 bytes
    ip_tables: (C) 2000-2002 Netfilter core team
    Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - version 7.3.15
    Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Intel Corporation.
    PCI: Found IRQ 11 for device 00:0b.0
    PCI: Sharing IRQ 11 with 00:07.2
    e1000: 00:0b.0: e1000_probe: (PCI:33MHz:32-bit) 00:0e:0c:80:1e:2a
    divert: allocating divert_blk for eth0
    e1000: eth0: e1000_probe: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection
    ip_tables: (C) 2000-2002 Netfilter core team
    e1000: eth0: e1000_watchdog: NIC Link is Up 100 Mbps Full Duplex
    hub.c: new USB device 00:07.2-2, assigned address 2
    usb.c: USB device 2 (vend/prod 0x1058/0x71a) is not claimed by any active driver .
    Initializing USB Mass Storage driver...
    usb.c: registered new driver usb-storage
    usb-uhci.c: interrupt, status 2, frame# 1169
    usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout
    scsi1 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices
    usb-uhci.c: interrupt, status 3, frame# 1652
    usb.c: USB disconnect on device 00:07.2-2 address 2
    hub.c: new USB device 00:07.2-2, assigned address 3
    usb-uhci.c: interrupt, status 3, frame# 395
    scsi: device set offline - not ready or command retry failed after bus reset: ho st 1 channel 0 id 0 lun 0
    WARNING: USB Mass Storage data integrity not assured
    USB Mass Storage device found at 2
    USB Mass Storage support registered.
    usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout
    scsi2 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices
    usb-uhci.c: interrupt, status 3, frame# 957

    Thanks again for your help.

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