I've a stock HP DC5100SFF that I was hoping to use as an intro media device to a TV. 1GB RAM and a 40GB SATA. I installed F13 since the netinstall CD was at hand, then upgraded to F15. All seemed to be going well just using for streaming video and then it started locking up coming back from suspension.

Thinking it might be the HD, it put in a new 150 GB SATA and tried to install F15, but it hangs during the "Examining Devices" stage. HD light stays on and the mouse freezes. Same story using the original F13 CD.

I've flashed the BIOS to 786C2 v01.09 from its original v01.02, and SATA and IDE are set to "Enhanced DMA", and "BIOS DMA data transfers" is enabled. These have been toggled in concert with using the options below.

Dropping back to using the vesa install option, I also add ide=nodma libata.force=noncq noprob pci=nobios ignore_loglevel options at install start.

The console shows "failed command: IDENTIFY DEVICE" "failed command: READ DMA", device not ready (error=-16), forcing hard resets, device reported invalid CHS sector 0, etc.

Screen will then flip from white on black to white on blue filling in a screen or two with garbage characters until the first of the installation menus displays. From there, the installation makes it to "Examining Devices" and stalls.

Does anyone have any clues as to how to proceed or why the first F13 install completed?