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    How to confirm a user logged in is a remote user?

    How do I confirm if a user logged in, is remote or local? In the case the user is remote, how to be sure what authentication/method is it using, like LDAP, NIS or other?

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    This will tell you local or remote
    For the auth method:
    I believe there is no other way then to review the configuration of that box.
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    actually theres a user "abc123". Its not listed in /etc/passwd. so i wanted to know it gets authenticated to login to this machine.


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    Maybe look for instances of that username in your system logs:
    grep -r abc123 /var/log

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    this will list all instance of abc123 your system is configured for
    getent passwd abc123
    this will list where your system look for, to authenticate users
    grep passwd /etc/nsswitch.conf

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