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    Cant ssh for a user

    This is the entry when I tail /var/log/secure when I ssh for user "nightly"...

    Aug  4 03:19:48 itanium2 sshd[10791]: Illegal user nightly from ::ffff:
    Aug  4 03:20:10 itanium2 sshd[10791]: Failed password for illegal user nightly from ::ffff: port 32862 ssh2

    What could be the reason, plz suggest.

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    and password is correct, works when I telnet, just ssh fails.

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    there is a local user for the host with which I can ssh to the system but not with nightly. nightly is not in /etc/passwd

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    What authentication mechanism is "nightly" using to authenticate via telnet?

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    I guess it uses LDAP or NIS

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    On the server, in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, is a list of users listed in AllowUsers?

    If LDAP/NIS, maybe there is client-side configuration that needs to be done? Google for something like "Failed password for illegal user" + NIS or LDAP

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    there is nothing listed in AllowUsers. Let me try to see somewhere else. thanks

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    the IP settings of the present host was changed.
    So the keys got messy.
    I disabled the PubkeyAuthentication option in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    Now I can login, but i need to regenrate the keys

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    ah. you can use ssh-keygen for that. and try ssh-copy-id to properly and safely copy the SSH keys to your remote host.

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