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Thread: VNC thru SSH

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    VNC thru SSH

    I am testing out VNC with my new Linux Machine. RHEL 6 64bit.

    I am very new to linux and I am trying to get the hang of it.

    I can remote into my Windows Machine from my linux machine using just vnc and it works just fine but this is not secure.

    I try to configure my ssh session through putty and I either get a black screen that shows nothing or I get a connection refused error when try to connect my ssh connection.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    On the RHEL box:

    Is the SSH daemon running?
    service sshd status
    netstat -tulnp|grep sshd
    If not, start it:
    service sshd start
    Is the firewall getting in the way? Temporarily disable it:
    service iptables stop
    What is in your system logs?
    tail /var/log/messages
    tail /var/log/secure
    When trying to log in with SSH/Putty, are you using a valid username for the RHEL box? The root account might be disabled by default. Also, check for a list of permitted users in the SSH daemon config file:
    egrep -i ^'PermitRoot|AllowUsers' /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    To get more details on the SSH config file:
    man 5 sshd_config

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