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    How to sort unique rows in a Microsoft XL file using shell scripting?

    Hi Linux Folks!
    I have a question regarding sorting out the unique entry rows in a Microsoft XL file using shell scripting.
    Please find attached the file Example_1_linux_forums
    My requirement goes like this:
    Out of the 25 rows that are mentioned, I want only those rows to be filtered and listed in an output file which are unique in their sense w.r.t succeeding numbers after the site name mentioned. For example,
    I dont want any entries starting with "DVG_Road" because they have DVG_Road_1, DVG_Road_2 and DVG_Road_3 listed twice, which is not an unique entry. But I want entries like "Richmod_Road_1", "Basavanagudi_2" which are unique entries, because there is no other similar duplicate entry of these. Also I want the row entries JPNagar_2, JPNagar_3 because they are also unique entries which dont have duplicate entries.
    I hope my explanation of the requirement is good enough for your understanding.
    Could you kindly help me out in getting an output file with only the kind of unique entries that I have asked for?
    Thanks in advance,
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