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    file system check


    I would like to know if it possible to check part of the file system not all of it, my problem is that I have a huge drive of 6TB and unfortunately the file system (EXT4) is corrupted, when I run fsck.ext4 the memory gets filled up, even tho I have 64G of RAM and 4CPUs

    I would like to check a slice of the file system lets say the first n number of blocks ....

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

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    No, you cannot "partially" check a filesystem. You may want to look at the switches/options for fsck and troubleshoot the memory error. I would expect that amount of RAM to be sufficient to fsck a 6TB volume.

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    What HROAdmin26 said - I have 8GB on my workstation/server and have 8TB arrays that have no problems running fsck. Have you tried running fsck instead of fsck.ext4 directly? FWIW, ext2, ext3, and ext4 are all variations of ext2, other than ext3 and ext4 also have journal capabilities for faster recovery - fsck should run MUCH faster on them than on a raw ext2 file system. So, since you are apparently running out of memory trying to check this file system, something else is probably seriously wrong, such as the file system being terminally fubar. If you can access your files and have a backup volume (or volumes) big enough to hold them, then back up the ones you can, and reformat the drive (array, I assume). Is this a RAID array, or is it an LVM volume?
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