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    Help with Permissions

    Hi there,

    I am trying to change permissions on a directory and it keeps telling me I dont' have permission to do it.

    [Student@localhost ~]$ sudo chmod ug+rwx ~/MyFiles/Ike
    [sudo] password for Student:
    chmod: changing permissions of `/home/Student/MyFiles/Ike': Permission denied

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello again!

    You're not giving the full path name when issuing the command.
    $ sudo chmod ug+rwx ~/MyFiles/Ike
    Should be
    $ sudo chmod ug+rwx ~/Student/MyFiles/Ike
    I see that because of the error message: chmod: changing permissions of `/home/Student/MyFiles/Ike': Permission denied

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    Hi JAy,

    Yeah I think I figured it out, part of the issue was our teacher had given us erroneous instructions.

    I had to create the Ike directory under the Home directory and then it gave me permission to do it.

    I had tried using the whole path /home/Student/MyFiles/Ike but it still gave me the permission denied error.

    Now I need to figure out how to move my files from the erroneously created Ike directory under MyFiles to the one under Home

    Any suggestions?

    I have tried to use the mv and cp command but to no avail it said the file didn't exist
    Here is what I tried:
     mv /home/Student/MyFiles/Myfile1.txt /home/Ike/Myfile1/txt
     cp /home/Student/MyFiles/Myfile1.txt /home/Ike/Myfile1/txt
    thanks for the help


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    OK Well it seems like I have gotten this taken care of
    It must have been something to do with the virtual server last night. I used the same commands as above and it worked this time.

    Who knows.

    Thanks for the help Jay


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