Im sure this is simple to most of you but as this is the first time I have ever used Linux it is doing my head in. In a nutshell I am trying to load something called PBXinaFlash this is a form of Asterisk on a disk with CentOS 5.6 on a HP Microserver. Basically it installs without the network card and as the install need to go onto the internet to download updates etc it fails. The NIC is NC107i (BCM5723 chipset) and what i would love to do is install Centos and then use the linux dd command and then when it asks load the driver. The problem is i cant find how to make a driver disk (CD) that will load and all i ever get that this is incompatable with this version on CentOS. I have googled how to solve this but dont undrstand half the answers
Please does anyone know how to make the driver disk and please if possible keep it simple.
Thanks in advance