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    upgrade of fedora14 to fedora15 boots to emergency mode

    I upgraded my fedora 14 system to fedora 15 and obviously the upgrade was successful. After i rebooted the system and chose fedora from the GRUB window (because i dual boot windows and fedora), the fedora O/S booted but the problem was that it booted into emergency mode with the following message in the terminal:

    welcome to emergency mode.
    Use "systemctl default" or ^D to activate default mode.
    Give root password for maintenance
    (or type control-D to continue):

    I tried to activate the default mode using the options given to do so but each time i do so, it gives the following error:

    Failed to issue method call: Transaction is destructive.

    Please I need help, because upgrading fedora 13 to 14 didn't give me any problems of this kind.

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    You should have something just above that message saying something else, giving you some hints. Frequent causes of this are things like a hard disk failure and its asking for a disk scan to be done, or as you've upgraded perhaps there is a driver for some piece of hardware that no longer works with your upgraded kernel or is no longer needed.

    Do you get the 'Transaction is destructive' message when you type in the root password? This is suggesting further that there could be a hard disk problem.

    If you can log into the system, is there anything unusual on the /var/log/dmesg log or in /var/log/messages?
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