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    An Authoritative DNS

    Hi Forum,

    Setting up an authoritative DNS server what we need??? ( An ingradient) from ground zero....

    Correct me....

    0/ Computer with eth0 card --- need more clarification
    1/ Static IP address to Server -- need more clarification.

    2/ Static IP address for Router etc (not sure..) with hub with RJ45 connection cable.
    3/ Bind or named utl
    4/ script file named.conf main source for zone names some where in /etc/
    5/ zone(s) file(s)
    6/ su login authorisation....

    am I missing any thing..??.


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    I'm definitely no networking guru, but I have had a few experiences similar to this. In my setup, I used two NICs, one for the incoming internet, and one to serve others on the network WITH the internet. Normally, there is enough documentation, but not always even adequate docs. I just went through the setup and assigned my IP FROM the internet, then the router would dynamically give them to other computer(s) on the network. You may have to ask your ISP IF they can assign you a static IP, then it's your world after that. After that, I cannot be of much help, that might give you some ideas though.

    Sorry I can't be of much more help, but maybe someone here will be!

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