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    Network File Sharing (New Linux User)


    I am new to linux. I have two RHEL 6.1 64 bit desktop computers. I want to share a folder from one to the other but I can't seem to get it working and haven't found many resources online to help.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    The standard is to use nfs (network file system) to share between Linux computers. What steps have you taken, how have you done whatever you have done and what problems such as warnings or error messages have you recieved?

    googling configure nfs on red hat should give you some help.

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    to tell you the truth I don't even know where to start...

    I am using to windows just being able to click on the folder and share it.

    Then map it by the ip address and share name.

    I have been playing around but I couldn't even tell you what I have done.

    If you have any tips to try for a beginning I would appreciate it.


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    I'm not a Red Hat user so I can't give you any specifics from experience. googling it should give you a number of results similar to the link below:

    RHEL 6 for the Clueless: Samba Server (Updated) Do What's Right

    I just googled samba on red hat 6.0

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    - Basic NFS instructions -

    on the first RHEL box:
    1. put your directory to share and who can access it in the file /etc/exports, e.g.
    2. start the NFS server (et al):
    service nfs start
    NOTE: substitute your own network address of ip where I've put

    on the 2nd (client) RHEL box:
    mkdir /nfs
    mount -t nfs <IP_OF_FIRST_RHEL_BOX>:/data /nfs
    NOTE: If your client can't connect, you'll probably have to disable the firewall on the first box to get it working:
    service iptables stop
    You can then put the proper entries into your firewall config to allow NFS thru (just run 'system-config-firewall' on the first box).
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