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    fc15:VBoxAddition fails due to kernel-devel version


    I tried installing the VBOX additions in fedora 15 as guest system in VirtualBox. But after running the file, building of the kernel modules failed. It gave following message :::

    The headers of the currently running kernel were not found. If the current compilation fails then probably this could be the reason. The missing package can be probably installed with
    yum install kernel-devel-

    But when I tried installing the above kernel headers and devel package, it says no such package were found. My kernel is but the kernel headers are not available for this version. They are available for previous versions i.e. Kindly tell me the solution, should I downgrade my kernel version or is there any way things can work out.

    Thanks for reading.


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    I have the same problem and am curious if anyone has the solution to this problem?

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    Have you tried
    yum install kernel-devel
    yum install kernel-headers
    If so, any errors?

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    Is the updates repo enabled? You should see it when you do a repolist, e.g.:
    # yum repolist
    repo id    repo name                    status 
    fedora     Fedora 15 - i386             19,365
    updates    Fedora 15 - i386 - Updates   4,894
    If you don't see it, enable it in /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates.repo (or use the --enablerepo=updates yum switch).

    As long as the baseurl/mirrorlist of the Updates repo is accessible, you should be able to do something like:
    yum install kernel-devel-
    Note: you might need to change the arch (.i686) or add -PAE to the package name.

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    i have done the updates for the headers. Then it came up with an error that the kernel didn't match so I updated the kernel so it matched but still the same error comes up. I don't think it's fedora but it's a problem with the virtual machine headers update itself. I've done some research on google and it seems that this happens on multiple distros.

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