Hello friends.
I have recently installed Fedora 15 KDE (with Dual Boot Win7) on my computer:
Dell Optiplex 330, Intel Core2Duo- 2.53 GHz, 32 Bit, 2GB Ram
nVIDIA 8400 GS

While going through the Guides mentioned here: FedoraForum.org - Fedora Set-Up Guides
for F15, I tried to install nVIDIA Drivers after updating the Kernel.

yum update kernel*

However it gave me some errors and then I did try the following method (as described in Missingbox studio guide)

su -

yum install akmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.i686 bootconf-gui kernel*devel

followed by Reboot.

Now if I start my computer, I get the screen which shows that Fedora will boot in 3 seconds. This is followed by a black screen with a "Blue followed by white" Bar running towards right (where Fedora 15 is written)....
It stays there for ever (I waited for 3 hours and then switched off my computer).
Presently I am writing this post through Windows7.
Is there any way I can repair Fedora through Win7 or by any other means.

Please Help. (Thanks in advance)