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    removing connections

    Dear all,

    I have an issue bugging our system..

    We are using a LVS loadbalancing server to round robin balance incomming SMPP connections to the Appservers.
    Currently we are having the problem that a real server is not recognising socket disconnects on the client side.

    [client]-----------[lvs]------------[real server]
    a b

    If the client disconnects / timeouts the socket, 'a' closes, but 'b' remains active so the server is not seeing this socket disconnect causing a lot of problems in our software.
    The 'b' connection does eventually timeout, but this is taking far to long for us, since we would need to almost realtime detect this socket close.

    We have persistent connections disabled, and lowered the timeouts with the 'ipvsadm --set' command.

    I tried changing the tcp_fin_timeout=5.. nothing..

    we disabled persistance timeout..

    Do help..thanks
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    This is additional... a screen shots says it all..

    Client connected to the real server thru the LB. Client sends a message to the server and when the client stops, the servers does not stop sending the keepalives.

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