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    how to copy/transfer files from a VirtualBox linux machine onto host?

    aloha, everyone. I'm a newbie in learning Linux. I have Fedora 13 on a virtualBox on my main computer. I am trying to move/copy a file from Linux onto my real machine but I am having trouble finding how...please help. the reason is that my internet won't work on linux. I need to send the file, but i cannot because network is down with the VM machine.

    thanks a whole lot for helping! God bless

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    Are you SURE the networking is down in the Linux VM? If you open up a terminal, you can run a command to show IP configuration:
    ip a
    If it is up, then you could do several things to get the file across:

    1. start an FTP server on Linux (service vsftpd start), then ftp in from your host (I assume it is Windows)

    2. start FTP server on Windows and FTP file from Linux side

    3. mount Windows/Samba share from Linux, e.g.:
    mount -t cifs //<WIN_IPADDR>/<SHARENAME> /localmount -o username=<WIN_USER>
    4. start Samba server on Linux, then access the share from Windows

    5. start SSH server on Linux, then download WinSCP for Windows and grab the file from the Linux server that way

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    thank you so much! I still don't know how to start ftp on the window 7

    ok, so I did activate ftp on linux. where do I configure ftp in window?

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    I ran this command in linux and it got a syntax error

    # mount -t cifs //<WIN_IPADDR>/<SHARENAME> /localmount -o username=<WIN_USER>

    bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'

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    I haven't used Windows 7, but i hope there is still an FTP client there - just open a command prompt (hope there's one of those, too), and do:

    I like FileZilla, too.

    For mounting the Windows share in Linux, you need to provide somethings, namely the Windows IP address, a valid username on the Windows machine, etc. Don't just copy and paste my command. yours should look something like:

    mount -t cifs // /mnt/window -o username=joeblow
    You'll need your Linux ip address (see the 'ip a' command) and your Windows ip address (ipconfig in the command prompt).

    I'd stick with the FTP server in Linux first, before going with Samba/Windows shares.

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    Thank you so much!

    I will go try those commands..., I'm greatly appreciated..., l learning new things everyday... so cool this forum!

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    Actually, the easiest way is to install the Guest Editions on your VM operating system, then you can specify a directory on your host system to share with the client - in my case I share the host's root directory as /mnt/host-root on the VM system. I have also used NFS to mount directory trees that are exported on the host as well.
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