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    a few minor problems

    I have just installed F11( yes I now 15 is out) and when I try to get a terminal up for install it will not come up. I keep getting an error. So i had looked up a way to go directly to it using the keyboard. It was very easy so easy that I didn't write it down.
    Now I am trying to get back into the terminal but cant remember the keystrokes and cant find the info online.

    Also trying to load software to rip/burn CDs, suggestions?

    Lastly, trying to load up my mail server but am having no luck.
    I though I had it right but I get the mail server up and it appears to "send" the mail but I never receive it. Also it doesnt not receive mail.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Holding down the Alt + F2 keys should get you a small window box where you can type either konsole or terminal to open the terminal window.

    I don't use Fedora so I'm not sure which CD burning software it uses but it should be under the Applications tab somewhere.

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    You can also do Ctrl+Alt+F1 or F2 to switch from the graphical desktop screen to a virtual console (a black screen with a simple text login prompt). You can switch back with Ctrl+Alt+F7 (or just keeping trying Function keys until you hit the right one - Fedora 11 might have switched them around).

    Make sure you have the brasero (or maybe nautilus-cd-burner) installed, for your burning needs.

    For mail, try googling Fedora 11 mail server and you should get plenty of guides/suggestions.

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    If I recall, Ctrl+Alt+t used to bring up a terminal for me in Fedora.

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