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    Please help Red Hat Enterprise 6 Wlan Adapter USB

    Dear, Forum

    I recently had to install red hat enterprise on my laptop for my work.
    But i cant manage to get internet going im totaly new to linux and never used it before.
    I have a WLAN adapter on USB but how do i install it on so that i can use it to go in the web?

    I Really hope someone can help me!


    Nick Kessels

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    run this to see if adapter is already working (and post output):

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    lo no wireless extensions

    eth0 no wireless extensions

    wlan0 IEEE 802.11bg Mode:Managed Acces Point: Not Associated
    Retry Long limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
    Power Managment:off

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    That's a good start.

    Do you know the ESSID of your AP (Access Point, i.e. wireless router, etc.)? Do you know if your AP is encrypted (WEP, WPA2, etc.)? If it is, you'll also need the encryption Key.

    Do you know if you should be getting your ip/dns info via DHCP, versus static assignment?

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    Well like i sad im not an expert but do you mean the name of the netwerk i want to connect to and the type of protection and the key ?

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    Yes, the ESSID is what you'd see if you were on Windows and you were browsing available wireless networks (e.g. Linksys routers will often pop up by default with "linksys").

    The key is going to be a long string of alphanumeric characters which you'll need to enter - this is only if the ESSID is encrypted. I assume you have a wireless network at work, and network admins to help you with this?

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    Whe arend a big so our admins come ones a week checking things out but i need internet new i cant wait a week so but have that information and new ?

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    Here are my specs from my connection i maked this using windows and new ?

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    Okay, so that says that you should be using DHCP, that's a start. And if you didn't enter an encryption key to get online in Windows, then it isn't encrypted and you won't need it in Linux - again, good. You need the ESSID, though, and I'm not sure by looking at the screenshot if it is lokaal or what. Poke around in the Wireless applet for Windows and see if you can find something like "Network Name".

    EDIT: try these iwlist commands to look for the wireless network:
    iwlist wlan0 ap
    iwlist wlan0 scan
    More commands here
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    Can you please say in steps what i need to do or what information i need to give you ?
    I am new on the home screen?


    When i typed iwlist wlan0 ap it sad:
    interface doesnt have a list of peers/acces points

    When i typed iwlist wlan0 scan it sad:
    failed to read scan data: Network is down

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