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    Timeout waitng for DMA.

    I had a problem of stating that -
    hda : Drive is not ready for command.
    hda : Timeout waitng for DMA.

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    This could mean a number of things. It could mean your hard drive is going bad, and it isn't serving the data when it is told to. It could mean your motherboard is going bad, and it isn't sending the correct data to the drive. It could mean your cables are bad, or not seated properly, leading to a miscommunication between the IDE bus and the drive.

    It could also mean that your motherboard is quirky, and may need a patch to enable DMA correctly. This was the case for my Abit BP6 dual Celeron MB back in the day. It could also mean that your hard drive is not fully supported, or it isn't identifying itself correctly.

    I would say, unless you have reason to believe otherwise, ghost the drive to a new one, and throw the old one out, because it is most probably the bad one of the group. They go easily much more often than motherboards.


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    Check your IDE cables at both ends (motherboard and disk drive). I have had exactly the same error on brand new Maxtor disks and it turned out that the IDE cable had come very slightly unseated. Unplug each conection and reconnect it firmly. Check for bent pins and try changing the cable first.

    Cables are much cheaper than new drives

    Hope it helps

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